Saturday, January 26, 2013

What I do when I'm snowed in...

Scrap, scrap, laundry, a bit of cooking and playtime with the kids, and then more scrapping. =)  We have gotten several inches of snow this week and as much as I used to love going out in it as a kid, I am absolutely content staying inside and avoidig it as long as possible now that I am grown up. I am lucky that Chip doesn't seem to mind grabbing groceries and doing all the snow-blowing of the driveway when it's like this outside. He spoils me that way.
So while the snow piled up outside, I have spent the past few days upstairs in my favorite spot in the house- my craft corner. There are a couple of sky windows- that actually were covered for awhile, but with the yellow walls and warm air that rises, it makes for a good spot to play with paper and ink. The pees you see here are made with the upcoming February kit from Cocoa Daisy called, "Double Feature". I have been 'pushing myself' a bit with the stencil in this kit and I have been getting more and more into stamping each month when my box of goodies arrives too. It is so fun to play around with the color combos that Christine comes up with and there is always so much in the kit that I am hoping to make a Valentine banner or garland this weekend too!
If I get around to that, I will be sure to show you the finished product too. One sure way to pass the long winter days is by making something cheery and bright, right?! Of course, give me a toasty warm day and I will probably tell you that I think it is a good idea to stay in scrap to stay cool too. =) I am fairly adaptable and am good at scrapping in any kind of weather! {hee hee}


Anonymous said...

It is getting a bit boring Jody....

Anonymous said...

Then quit reading. There are some who like reading here. Boring or not. Keep at it! Spring is just around the corner!

Jody said...

Nothing like a reality check in the blog comments to spice things up on my blog! I never promised to be exciting. I just keep it real on my blog. And the fact is I am pretty boring and so is my life these days. I prefer laundry, scrapping and routine stuff to some things though- like the flu or other medical dramas that we have so often been privy to in my family. I don't mind the criticism {and I appreciate the support!}. If you have some content you would like for me to blog about, feel free to leave me notes about such. I am happy to write to please my audience- small as it may be these {boring} days. =) I am happy to post more exciting things- as soon as my life starts getting that way again!

Jo said...

We are still reading love, just getting slack on commenting! Sorry about that... :) I, for one (and I'm sure there are many more)am glad things are 'boring' for you right now. you deserve a little down time. You have had enough 'excitement' for a while, no?! Take care...

Heather said...

Keep up the great blogging Jody. I, for one, am enjoying your scrapping and muffins :)

lisa said...

LOVE your cd gallery again this month. I always look forward to seeing what you've made and you never disappoint. Keep up the great work Jody. You are loved just the way you are xxxxxx

- karen said...

Gloriously, wonderful simple life.
No sickness.
No surgery.
No tremendous struggles with
where to live or what to do next.
Life is full of laundry, cooking and cupcakes.
Thanks for sharing with us, Jody.
You're an encouragement when you are in tears
over a broken country and aching families,
when you're perplexed
as to how God will carry you through,
and when you're Hello Kitty! deer antlers and cupcakes.
Thanks for keeping it real!!